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Maybe there would be a way to display the final score directly after loosing all lives in order to compare the score when you play it with multiple people. 

This game is the star for our hole familiy. We are playing it since a couple of days every evening.

I love this game. Thanks a ton for porting it <3

Well done!  It's a difficult game, but not frustratingly so.  Thanks for adding to my catalog of fun games on my C64/128!

I saw, loved it and played it - nice port very addictive - thankx!

You are welcome! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Hi, i love the game from what i see on youtube and previews, but i cannot run it on VICE, after loading/run yields a Syntax Error in 2059. any suggestion please? Many thanks in advance

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Have you tried the latest version of VICE? It should work on VICE without any problem. Maybe your prg is corrupted, try to download it again. Hope that helps!

it seems the file was corrupted, dl again plus a few other settings, now i'm happy playing your amazing game. Thanks!

Great game, it really nails the 'just one more go' feeling, top stuff👍

Thank you very much!!!

Really fun game! Don't know the original version, but this one seems flawless. Plays very smooth! But it is hard... so I'm cheating by saving snapshots... ;-)

Thank you for your nice words!


Great game, but I think a jump down would be a better solution than jumping off the platform 😊

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Thank you!!!

Such a great game and very addictive, thank you.

You are so welcome!

Totally Agree ....very addictive and enjoyable !

Thank you!

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How on earth can you create a game like this, if this is your first time ?? :) really enjoy the game and love the music

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!!!

About time the C64 gets some MSX arcade love. We have too much crap on the platform.

Thanks for your comment!!!

Such an addictive game! The only thing missing IMO is a high-score save feature. Would be awesome if you could still add that. Otherwise, well done on a brilliant addictive game.

Thank you very much for your nice words and suggestion!

Nice game. Platformers usually aren't my thing to be honest (more of a hardcore SHMUP and RPG guy) but I really enjoy this one


very good

Very nice game, but the time limit makes the game hard very fast... . Cute graphics. Really like it!

Thank you!!!

This is a really good conversion of the original MSX version. Night Knight on the MSX is one of my favorite games, so I was excited, when it was released for the C64, too.

What I noticed is, that in the first level, the bottom wall in the center is missing. I would appreciate it, if you could add it in the C64 version, so that they are the same. I haven't found any other big differences yet.
The picture shows level 1 on the C64 (left) and MSX (right).


Thank you very much for your nice words. Glad you like it! Congrats for spotting the difference, but unfortunately that's the final version. Uploading a new version will make my friend Didi of Laxity really upset 😉

You think it is going to be easy then the time start running out. Would like to be able to disable the music. Thanks for making this port, lots of fun.

You are welcome! You can enable/disable music by moving the joystick left or right on intro screen.

Thank you.

very good

Thank you Marco!

Great games, but horribly hard... Very enjoyable too!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

Great game. :)


very good

Thank you!!!

Thanks for this port. It's a really nice game and conversion !!!!!!

You are welcome! Glad you liked it :)

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Very good game, thanks for your workings! :)


You are welcome! Thanks for your post on Facebook. Cheers!

I really like this game and even more I like being able to play it directly on the C64!


Thank you! And yes playing it on the good old C64 is the real deal!

Great game!

Thank you very much for your video!!! I really appreciate it!

Great port of this wonderful game! I do think I found a small bug. The code for level 12 isn't accepted by the game. Thanks for this pleasant surprise :)

Thank you very much for your kind words and your feedback regarding the bug. I have uploaded a new version that fixes the problem. You also have to change the third number of level 12 code from 8 to 1. Cheers!